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Christine SAJOT

16 au 18 mars 2020 - KAUST FutureComposites Workshop

Dear colleagues, 


COHMAS Laboratory at KAUST (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology) will host on March 16-18 a high-caliber workshop aiming at discussing the latest developments in Composite Science and Engineering. 


For more information, please visit the conference website at ( COHMAS Lab website at (


The workshop will be organized around the following areas: 

·     Addressing the needs for Composite Industry 4.0

·     Imagining new applications in energy and transportation sectors

·     Improving composites through big data and artificial intelligence

·     Inventing new concepts for composite assemblies and large structures

·     Building a composite industry


With participants from academia, industry, and governments, this workshop will provide opportunities for exchanging ideas and discussing the current state of research and to develop feasible strategies to ensure rapid development of composites serving both economic and societal growth and stringent environmental targets.


The workshop will be centered around more presentations from invited international highly-ranked speakers (see the updated list below). We will also host round table discussions and poster sessions on composite engineering. 


1.    Prof. Suresh Advani, University of Delaware, USA

2.    Dr. Khaled A. Al-Buraik, Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia

3.    Dr. Fahad Al-Khodairi, SABIC, Saudi Arabia

4.    Prof. Majed Alrefae, Royal Commission Yanbu, Saudi Arabia

5.    Dr. Muneer Bakhsh, GDC Middle East, Saudi Arabia

6.    Prof. Wesley Cantwell, Khalifa University, UAE

7.    Prof. Francisco Chinesta, ENSAM, France

8.    Prof. Martin Dunn, Univ of Colorado Boulder, USA

9.    Prof. Gerard Fernando, University of Birmingham, UK

10.  Prof. Eric M. Feron, KAUST, Saudi Arabia

11.  Dr. Enrique Garcia, National Composite Center, UK

12.  Prof. Carlos Gonzáles, IMDEA, Spain

13.  Prof. Vassilis Kostopoulos, University of Patras, Greece

14.  Dr. Celine Largeau, IRT Jules Verne, France

15.  Prof. Jinsong Leng, Harbin Institute of Technology, China

16.  Prof. Gilles Lubineau, KAUST, Saudi Arabia

17.  Prof. Véronique Michaud, EPFL, Switzerland

18.  Prof. Jerry Qi, Georgia Tech, USA

19.  Prof. Kumar Shanmugam, Khalifa University, UAE

20.  Prof. Tong Earn Tay, NUS, Singapore

21.  Prof. Michael Wisnom, University of Bristol, UK

22.  Dr. Recep Yaldiz, SABIC, The Netherlands


Best regards


Dr. Gilles Lubineau

Professor of Mechanical Engineering - PSE/KAUST

Director of COHMAS laboratory (

Chair of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering


Chairman of FutureComposite conference - March 16/17/18 - COHMAS, KAUST

Article précédent 27 juin au 3 juillet 2020 - 23e Conférences Européenne sur la Rupture (ECF 23) - Funchal, Madeire, Portugal
Article suivant 26 au 28 août 2020 - VPH2020 - Paris

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