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Christine SAJOT

11 au 15 mai 2020 - CISM course “Multi-Physics and Multiscale Couplings in Geo-environmental Mechanics”

"Dear colleague,


It is with pleasure that we announce the course “Multiphysics and Multi-scale Couplings in Geo-environmental Mechanics”, coordinated by Niels Kruyt and Olivier Millet.


This course is held in the nice city of Udine in Italy at the respected institute CISM (International Centre for Mechanical Sciences) during the period May 11 – May 15, 2020.


This course focusses on complex phenomena in geo-environmental engineering, where a combination of physical phenomena occurs at different scales. In-depth understanding of such multi-physics and multi-scale approaches is increasingly becoming important in many novel applications, in particular in the understanding of the behavior of triggering mechanisms of landslides, avalanches, stability of granular soils.

Modern multi-physics and multi-scale approaches for geo-environmental problems frequently are based on three core competences: (1) continuum mechanics for large-scale problems, (2) Discrete Element Method simulations for detailed studies of small-scale systems and (3) multi-scale analyses for bridging the small-scale behavior to the large-scale, continuum level. These competences will be taught in the course. The basic concepts and tools of each competence will be explained. This will smoothly evolve to expositions of recent research findings. The international team of lecturers is active in academic teaching as well as research.

The team of lecturers of this course consists of:

•       Francesco dell’Isola - University of L’Aquila, Italy

•       Niels Kruyt - University of Twente, The Netherlands

•       Xia Li - Southeast University, China

•       Olivier Millet - University of La Rochelle, France

•       François Nicot - Irstea, Grenoble, France

•       Richard Wan  - University of Calgary, Canada


A full description of the contents of the course, together with the schedule and other information, is given in the attached flyer.


More information about the organizing CISM is given on:

Registration for the course is done via the CISM website. On the webpage of our course,, you will see a link “Register for this course”.


If you have questions, please address these to Niels ( or Olivier (

Please share the flyer with others that could be interested in this course!


We hope to see you and/or your co-workers in Udine in 2020!


Olivier Millet and Niels Kruyt"

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Article suivant 31 août au 04 septembre 2020 - 8th Int. Conference on Very High Cycle Fatigue - Hokaido (Japon)

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