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Christine SAJOT

19 au 24 Juillet 2020 : WCCM- ECCOMAS 2020 - MS102 Computational Modelling of Damage and Fracture

Dear colleagues


As part of the 14th WCCM & Eccomas Congress to be held in Paris, 19-24 Jul 2020, we are organising the mini-symposium

MS102: Computational Modelling of Damage and Fracture


The surge in computing power over the last decade has motivated significant advances in lifetime and reliability analyses of engineering materials and structures. In support of this demand, a wealth of novel computational modelling techniques have been developed for predicting inelastic material behaviour, including damage localisation, crack initiation, crack propagation, and other material instabilities. The mini-symposium aims to provide a platform for discussion of the newest theoretical and numerical developments at all stages of inelastic material response and degradation, up to failure. Topics of interest include, but are not restricted to, the following areas:


  *   Initiation or propagation of defects and cracks

  *   Mechanical, thermal, chemical loading, etc.

  *   Discrete models, micromechanical formulations, continuum damage descriptions

  *   Multiscale frameworks bridging different length / time scales

  *   Objective formulations with non-local / gradient / phase-field enhancements

  *   Transition from continuous to discontinuous formulation

  *   Relevant numerical methods


It is our pleasure to invite you, or one in your group, to deliver a talk on your latest research in our MS102. The deadline for abstract submission is 15 Dec 2019. The submission templates and details can be found at


We look forward to seeing you in Paris.


Best regards,

Leong Hien Poh (National University of Singapore) Ron Peerlings (Eindhoven University of Technology) George Z. Voyiadjis (Louisiana State University) Samuel Forest (MINES Paristech)

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