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Date de l'évènement: 05/06/2023 00:00 - 07/06/2023 23:30 Exporter l'évènement
Christine SAJOT

05 au 07/06/2023 - International Conference on Computational Methods for Coupled Problems in Science and Engineering

Dear colleagues,


The tenth edition of the International Conference on Computational Methods for Coupled Problems in Science and Engineering, COUPLED 2023will be organized on 5-7 June 2023 in Chania, Crete, Greece.

Previous editions of this conference series were held on the islands of Santorini (Greece) on 25-28 May 2005, Ibiza (Spain) on 21-23 May, 2007, Ischia (Italy) on 8-11 June 2009, Kos (Greece) on 20-22 June 2011, Ibiza (Spain) on 17-19 June, 2013, San Servolo, Venice (Italy) on May 18-20, 2015, and Rhodes (Greece) on 12-14 June, 2017. COUPLED 2019 was held in the beautiful town of Sitges (Barcelona) on June 3-5, 2019. Unfortunately, the last edition, COUPLED 2021 was held fully online on June 13-16, due to the pandemic.


The organizers of COUPLED PROBLEMS 2023 kindly invited us to organize an Invited Session (IS) on a topic of our interest, and we chose to organize an IS on Computational Thermomechanical Modelling of Large Deformation Processes.

The objectives of the IS are to present and discuss state of the art, mathematical models, numerical methods, and computational techniques for solving coupled thermomechanical problems of material forming processes. The invited session goal is to make a step forward in the formulation and solution of real-life problems with a multidisciplinary vision, accounting for all the complex couplings involved in the physical description of the problem.

The invited session topics will include, but are not limited to: Mathematical formulation of coupled thermomechanical multi-physics and multiscale material forming processes, Coupled solution strategies, Loose and strong coupling schemes, Numerical methods for coupled thermomechanical problems: finite elements, finite volume, finite difference, particle methods, meshless methods, etc., Parallel and Real Time computational techniques, Multi-physics and multi-scale coupled thermomechanical material forming processes, Applications in: Additive Manufacturing (AM), Friction Stir Welding (FSW), welding, casting, rolling, sheet metal forming, etc.

Based on your international reputation in the field of the conference we would like to invite you to submit an invited contribution and to give a 20 min oral presentation in this IS of COUPLED 2023. 


You are invited to submit a one-page abstract before 28 February 2023. Remember that the file must be sent in pdf format. The system does not accept other type of files.


To submit your abstract, please follow the steps below:

1. Register to the conference here with your email address. Introduce the Pin Code you will receive as well as the password you want to use.

2. Login to your account here.

3. Complete the information in your profile.

4. Go to "My congress" and, then, "My contributions" (or click here) on the menu you will find on the right hand side of the page. Click on "Submit a contribution" and you are ready to go!

Please feel free to contact the Congress Secretariat for any question.


Download templates here.


We look forward to welcoming you to COUPLED 2023 in Chania (Crete), Greece, in June 2023!


Best regards,


Carlos Agelet de Saracibar, Jean-Philippe Ponthot

Invited Session Organizers


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Article suivant 27 au 30/08/2023 - Engineering Mechanics Institute International Conference 2023 (EMI IC 2023) - MS22

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