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Détail de la Manifestation

Date de l'évènement: 15/07/2024 09:00 - 18/07/2024 08:30 Exporter l'évènement
Christine SAJOT

15 au 17/07/2024 - ICMM8 in London

Dear Colleagues,


You are invited to participate in the 8th International Conference on Material Modelling ICMM8 in London, UK on 15-17 July 2024. This biennial conference is the eighth in the ICMM series. The first ICMM took place in Dortmund 2009 (Germany).

The conference since then was held in Paris (France), Warsaw (Poland), Berkeley (USA), Rome (Italy), Lund (Sweden) and Cape Town (South Africa).


The deadline for the abstracts is 15 February 2024.


The peer-reviewed papers presented at this Conference will be published in a Special Issue of the Open Access journal Technische Mechanik


A selection of papers presented at ICMM8 will also be published in a Special Issue of European Journal of Mechanics - A/Solids

(Elsevier) after the event.


The aim of this Conference is to bring together researchers from various fields of material modelling and material characterization and to cover all aspects of material modelling. It will provide the opportunity for interaction with and exchanges between scientists working in different subareas of mechanics of materials.

The topics of the Conference include, but are not limited to, the following:


  *   Linear elasticity and viscoelasticity

  *   Nonlinear elasticity

  *   Plasticity and viscoplasticity

  *   Experimental identification and material characterization

  *   Atomistic/continuum transition on nanoscale

  *   Optimization and inverse problems in multiscale modelling

  *   Coupled field problems

  *   Cosserat, micromorphic and gradient materials

  *   Granular materials and particle systems

  *   Biomechanics and biomaterials

  *   Electronic materials

  *   Heterogeneous materials

  *   Creep, damage, fatigue and fracture

  *   Numerical aspects of material modelling



You can find more details at the conference website .


Best regards,

Vadim Silberschmidt


Vadim V. Silberschmidt FIMechE FInstP

Professor of Mechanics of Materials


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Article suivant 03-07/07/2024 - ECCOMAS 2024 - Call for abstracts for symposium on "Multiscale simulation methods for multifunctional materials"

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