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Détail de la Manifestation

Date de l'évènement: 27/06/2024 09:00 - 02/07/2024 08:30 Exporter l'évènement
Christine SAJOT

27-06 au 01-07-2024 -SLS&OPTIROB 2024


Dear friends,

Since the academic events organised by the University Association for Science and Technology from ROmania (UASTRO-  intend to increase the dissemination of information related to the recent results of international and Romanian research, please consider sending your research papers as soon as possible in order to be able to publish them by at the holding of the SLS&OPTIROB2024 conferences.

These large-scale academic events will be held at the Majestic Hotel in Jupiter between June 27 and July 1, 2024, and the papers will be published according to everyone's choice in the:

1. international journal IJMO ( impact factor; or

2. in the special issue of the international journals Mathematics- Dynamic modelling and simulation for the control systems- with the impact factor IF-2.4 in Q1- red zone (

Please disseminate these informations within your research teams so that these events have the expected impact. The works sent in time and which will be accepted by the scientific committee and the staff of the two journals, will be published after one month and indexed as they are sent. The submission deadline for the first round is January 20, 2024. For other information, please consult our web page

Thank you

SLS&OPTIROB 2024 Committee

Article précédent 19 au 21 Juin 2024 - Fatigue 2024 (Jesus College de Cambridge)
Article suivant 24 au 26/04/2024 - CONFÉRENCE INTERNATIONALE ESAFORM 2024

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