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Date de l'évènement: 09/10/2023 00:00 - 11/10/2023 23:30 Exporter l'évènement
Christine SAJOT

09-11/10/2023 - Particles 2023 : Invited session IS26 - Advances in particle-scale perspectives in multiphysics particle systems

Dear colleagues,

The  VIII International Conference on Particle-Based Methods. Fundamentals and Applications (PARTICLES 2023)  will be organised on 9-11 October 2023 in Milan, Italy. PARTICLES 2023 will address both the fundamental bases and the applicability of state-of-the-art particle-based computational methods that can be effectively used for solving a variety of problems in engineering and applied sciences at different scales.

In the framework of this conference, we will organizie an invited session " Advances in particle-scale perspectives in multiphysics particle systems" Particle-scale effects are often homogenized in multiphysics particle system simulations limiting particle-scale perspectives and inferences that can be drawn from a particle system. This mini-symposium focuses on and embraces particle-scale perspectives, effects, and inferences for multiphysics particle systems. Contributions considering studies for this invited session that investigate:
• effects at the particle scale,
• alternative perspectives on interpreting particle systems at the particle scale,
• inference techniques at mesoscopic and particle scales,
• modelling and coupling techniques at mesoscopic and particle scales
are welcomed for experimental investigations and numerical studies using meshless (DEM, SPH, and others) and mesh-based (FEM, FDM, CFD and others) techniques.

The deadline for submitting abstracts is 16 April, 2023 at . Do not hesitate to propose your contributions by specifying the invited session IS26.

Best regards,
Johannes JOUBERT


Article précédent 19 au 21 Juin 2024 - Fatigue 2024 (Jesus College de Cambridge)
Article suivant PROGRAMME DES COURS CISM 2023

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