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Christine SAJOT

14 au 18 Juin 2020 - 17th International Conference on Aluminium alloys - Grenoble

"Dear colleague,


Following the 16th edition of the International Conference on Aluminium Alloys (ICAA) held in Montreal, Canada, we are pleased to announce that ICAA continues with the 17th edition in Grenoble, France, 14-18 June 2020.

We will be delighted to welcome scientists from academia and industry to exchange through discussions on the science and application of Aluminium Alloys.

Download the First announcement.


List of symposia

The conference will comprise a few plenary lectures, followed by 4 to 5 parallel sessions with invited and regular talks.

A poster session will be held, preceded by a short presentation of all posters by their author during dedicated sessions. Poster prizes will be attributed.

The organization of abstracts will follow the following list of symposia, with the associated scientific committee:

1.  Phase transformations – P. Donnadieu, W. Lefebvre, M. Perez, C. Sigli

2.  Strength, plastic deformation & formability – A. Deschamps, F. Mas, T. Morgeneyer

3.  Durability: fatigue, fracture, corrosion & surface treatments – C. Blanc, J.C. Ehrström, J.Y. Buffière

4.  Thermomechanical processing, texture & recrystallization – P. Lhuissier, R. Loger, C. Maurice

5.  Casting & solidification, recycling, fundamentals of additive manufacturing – H. Combeau, P. Jarry, N. Limodin, A. Pichat, G. Salloum

6.  New directions in alloy and process development (I): additive manufacturing, artificial Intelligence – M. Brochu, G. Martin, C. Desrayaux

7.  New directions in alloy and process development (II): joining, severe plastic deformation, emerging processes – M.N. Avettant-Fenoel, A. Simar, X. Sauvage

8.  Advanced characterization – S. Cazottes, J. Chevy, F. De Geuser, J. Douin, L. Salvo


For more information follow the link

Abstract submission will be open from June 2019 to 1st November 2019.


Early Career Researcher Awards

Following the same spirit as ICAA16 in Montreal, six awards will be distributed to early career researchers on the basis of the quality of their scientific research and on their ability to communicate these results. More information.


About ICAA

ICAA is a renowned series of International Conferences on Aluminium Alloys, providing a forum where scientists and experts present and discuss the latest developments in the science and technology of aluminium alloys. With an attendance between 200 and 400 participants, well-balanced between academia and industry, the ICAA conferences aim at promoting exchanges and contacts between the two communities and at fostering long term collaborations. The conferences also encourage active participation of students, with the granting of specific early career awards, which bodes well for the next generation of professionals in the science and engineering of aluminium.

Providing a unique view on the latest research and technological developments in the field of aluminium alloys, ICAA conferences address more specifically the following subjects: fundamental mechanisms in the physical metallurgy of aluminium alloys at all stages of the processing routes, from semi-products to end applications; conventional alloys as well as new alloy developments; process metallurgy from solidification and casting to forming and joining, including such growing fields as additive manufacturing and the use of artificial intelligence. ICAA conferences traditionally emphasize the use of last generation analytical tools such as high-resolution transmission electron microscopy, sophisticated texture analysis, local elemental analysis techniques and large instruments. Physical modelling, starting at the atomic level, as well as process modelling in relation with microstructure generation and design are other topics of interest of ICAA conferences.

ICAA conferences feature outstanding keynote presentations, addressing market perspectives (aerospace, transport, packaging, building and construction) as well as high level scientific perspectives by inviting renowned and inspiring scientists.  Fundamental science fostering industrial developments, industrial questions feeding scientific curiosity and shrewdness, are at the heart of our biennial conferences.

Follow the link to to access to the proceedings of former ICAA conferences.


Please do not hesitate to spread the word to gather all the aluminium community in Grenoble for ICAA17 in June 2020!


The Organizing Committee

·  Alexis Deschamps, Grenoble Institute of Technology

·  Christophe Sigli, Constellium C-TEC

·  Frédéric De Geuser, CNRS - SIMaP, Grenoble

·  Jean-Christophe Ehrström, Constellium C-TEC

·  Philippe Jarry, Constellium C-TEC

·  Luc Salvo, Grenoble Institute of Technology"

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