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Christine SAJOT

19 au 24 juillet 2020 - 14th WCCM & Eccomas - MS71 : CONTACT MECHANICS in the Thematic "1500 - Fluid-Structure Interaction, Contact and Interface"

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to inform you that we are organizing the Mini-Symposium
MS71 : CONTACT MECHANICS in the Thematic "1500 - Fluid-Structure Interaction, Contact and Interface"

as part of the 14th WCCM and ECCOMAS Congress 2020, Paris, 19-24, July 2020.

The deadline for submitting a one-page abstract is December 15, 2019 and instructions could be find on

All participants to this 14th WCCM/ECCOMAS working on the following topics are very welcome to submit an abstract in this Mini-Symposium devoted to contact, friction, adhesion, wear and to the related numerical approaches:
Although considerable progress has been achieved in the last decades on Contact Mechanics, many problems are still open. The research field is still growing and diversified in many directions. Indeed, the research in contact mechanics has many facets which can be classified into understanding of physical phenomena, numerical simulations and industrial applications.
Areas of interest have a broad range. A general list of pertinent subjects includes: adhesion, friction and wear, rolling contact in the area of multi-scale, multi-physics and coupled multi-field problems. Furthermore, contact at nanoscales, contact dynamics and biomechanical contact problems can be mentioned.
Numerical simulation involves specific topics, like: discretization techniques, constraint enforcement methods, contact detection algorithms, discrete elements techniques, fast solvers for constraint problems.
Let note that 2020 will be especially rich for the contact mechanics community and we are very glad to mention the CMIS 2020 (Contact Mechanics International Symposium) organized on May 13-15, 2020, by JF Molinari and co-workers from EPFL – Lausanne - Switzerland.

Details can be found on:

We hope to see you in Paris

 Best regards
Michel Raous,     LMA-Marseille, France,
Peter Wriggers,    IKM-Hannover, Germany,
Giorgio Zavarise,  Politecnico di Torino, Italy,

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