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Date de l'évènement: 05/06/2022 00:00 - 09/06/2022 23:30 Exporter l'évènement
Christine SAJOT

5-9 juin 2022 - ECCOMAS 2022 - MS162 : “Computational methods for modelling interface kinetics in solids”

The minisymposium is entitled: “Computational methods for modelling interface kinetics in solids”.

The aim of this mini-symposium is to combine recent developments in computational methods for modelling kinetics of time-dependent interfaces. The topics will include both the diffuse-interface and the sharp-interface methods, with a specific emphasis devoted to the comparison of these frameworks. Furthermore, the mini-symposium will discuss tailoring of the methods for phase-transforming materials involving multi-physics processes.

link to the minisymposium at the ECCOMAS Congress website below, where you can find a more detailed description of the aims and objectives of the minisymposium :

The abstract submission is now open and the deadline for the submission is 10 December 2021.

Article précédent AMAC - APPEL AUX CANDIDATURES Prix Daniel Valentin 2022
Article suivant 31 juillet au 05 août 2022 - WCCM2022 minisymposium 0748 : "Computational modeling and simulation of discontinuities"

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